Remote Sensing:  Development of sensor data processing algorithms and tools for the accurate mapping of risk levels and natural hazards.

National Research Center for Integrated Natural Disasters Management

Centers of Research Excellence Fondap 2011.

MAD: Modis and Aster Download Tool

MAD is an open source tool developed in Java to automate the download of Modis and Aster files.

Download MAD: (version 2015.03.22)

Superbrief description of MAD: mad_20150326.pdf

MAD Software Manual: MAD_software_manual_20151127.pdf

MAD (c) - 2015.03.22-2016.01.20

Software Clasificador de Texturas

This software implements GMRF and LBP texture descriptors in C/C++ for Microsoft Windows and provides a GUI implemented with Qt.  The source code can be downloaded here (30 MB):

The current documentation can be downloaded here: clasificador_de_texturas_20150630.pdf

Software Clasificador de Texturas (c) - 2015.09.29-2016.01.20